Contracting Advice for Empower Brokerage Agents

Here at Empower Brokerage it is common for most agents to represent multiple carriers. It is also common that the wait time for approval can take anywhere from a week to 3 weeks. So today, I wanted to go over some things to consider when contracting.


When calling into Empower, it is important to remember what carriers you are currently contracting/certifying for. Have an idea where you are in the process of your contracting. You can check this status on By going on insurance bay you can check the status of each of the carriers you were trying to certify for. Under the appointments tab, you will be able to check which step in the contracting process you are in for each carrier.

When checking your contracting status on carriers, it is important to know where your application is stated to be. If the most recent application update says at the carrier, that means you are going to be waiting on the carrier to take the next step forward in your application process. You can usually call the helpline for the carrier if you wanted a more detailed status on your application. If the application says its at the up line or brokerage (BGA), it means that you are waiting on us at Empower to do a certain action. It is important to remember we are always processing contracts for carriers so we will need some time before getting to your appointment request. Don’t worry because we send out emails when we complete our side of the process. If the application says its waiting for an agency action, then¬†that means we are waiting for you to complete an action to move forward.

Tips for Contracting

Make sure all your information is up to date and take note of where your emails for contracting are going. Be sure to check the email you signed up with for your information. . It is also important to understand that some contracting can take up to 3 weeks because of background checks. That means as soon as contracting for a carrier opens up you should get it finished as soon as possible. Some carriers also require face-to-face training. Trainings are released before the Enrollment period so be sure to find out if your carrier requires a face-to-face.

How we can help!

At Empower Brokerage, we have the ability and resources to get you through most contracting with ease. We will need time to find the answer but we will get the answers you need. When calling in for help, it is also important to understand that we have a product specialist for each carrier we carry. Be sure to give the staff member you talk to as much information as possible so we can get you into contact with the right person. Also, if you leave a message please give us a 24 hour span to reply to your messages. We will do our best to help you as much as we can.

Empower offers specialized agent training through road trips, educational webinars, Lead Maximizer data mining system, online Comparative Rating Engines, and our generous Leads Co-op programs. We even have a product specialist ready to assist agents with learning how to excel in offering a variety of product lines. Because of all we offer, and the dedicated staff in our home office, we are fast becoming the most hands-on FMO in the country.

Want to get contracted?