Veterans Day 2017

Every year on November 11th we come together as a country to give honor and respect to those who served in the United States Armed Forces. Originally known as  “Armistice Day”, Veterans day originated on Nov. 11, 1919, the first anniversary of the end of World War I. Whether it’s our siblings, friends, or neighbors we take time on this day to reflect on the lives of those who serve our country. Today we share some of the benefits that are only accessible to Veterans and some statistics about veterans. Hope you enjoy.

Veteran Statistics

The number of living veterans is estimated to be around 18.5  million and have all served at least during one war. Among these veterans, around 6.7 million came from the Vietnam war era. About 7.1 million of the total veterans served in the Gulf War. Around 750,000 veterans served in WW2 and 1.6 million served during the Korean War.  about 1.6 million of the total veterans list are female and around 9.2 million veterans are  65 or older.

Deals for Veterans on Veterans Day

During Veterans day across the country, there are many deals exclusively available for United States Veterans. One of those deals is being able to get free admission into New York Citys 9/11 Memorial and museum. The Aerospace Museum of California also offers free admission to all guest on veterans day. You can hit the slopes at Killington Ski Resort in Vermont where all veterans with a valid military ID can ride lifts and ski for free. I Hop serves Veterans red white and blue flapjacks on November 10th. From Applebees to TGI Fridays veterans have the opportunity to receive a free meal. For more deals on veterans day click here.

Veterans Day Parade

Veterans can be found all over the United States. There are 3 states that are home to over a million Veterans. These states are Texas, California, and Florida. On Saturday we a usually expect multiple veterans day parades to take place across the country. Some of the biggest parades happen in places such as New York where over 35,000 people participate with over half a million spectators. Other big parades can be found in Alabama, Oregon, and Nevada. For a list of the largest Veterans day Parades visit 

Health Care for Veterans

There are many healthcare options for Military veterans whether that be the Veterans health care program the VA dental insurance program, the Veterans’ Mental Health Services and much more. There are also MA carriers such as Humana and Cigna HS, that offer a giveback on some of their MA-only plans. For more help with VA coverage options visit

Thank you Veterans for your service to our country and the freedom you fight for.

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