Agent Spotlight – Durelle Jenkins

Durelle Jenkins is the featured agent spotlight.

Durelle Jenkins

Agent Spotlight – Durelle Jenkins

Even if you have spoken to Durelle Jenkins only once, his passion for helping others, enthusiasm, and zest for life will inspire you. He began his journey into the insurance industry about a year and a half ago at the suggestion of his friend, who thought he would be successful selling insurance. His friend was right. Durelle has already made a positive impact with Empower Brokerage, and so we shine our agent spotlight on him this month.

After Durelle secured his license and underwent training, he began selling life insurance with the organization. He continued expanding his skills by learning to sell ACA and Medicare products. Durelle recalls how Regional Sales Director Catherine Guajardo guided him through his first time selling an ACA plan to a customer. “She was very patient with me,” says Durelle. “I have a lot of trust in her.”

Durelle is also grateful for the tools Empower Brokerage offers. Durelle explains that getting agents in contact with potential clients is one of the many benefits. “It’s a God-send,” says the Houston, Texas native. “It makes life easier as an agent.” He also appreciates the availability of the staff being there when you need them.
When interacting with clients, Durelle believes the setting plays a huge role. He recommends agents be approachable. Eye contact is significant to him and a great way to greet people. Durelle tries to convey his friendly nature but also appears busy to possible customers. For example, at the clinic where he works, Durelle once created a sign promoting benefits at the clinic. People were intrigued by his actions, came over to him, and inquired about his work and the benefits. Durelle would advise agents to make people comfortable and be honest and helpful. When he speaks to clients and sees that a plan will not be sufficient for them, he shows them why that is the case. He does not apply pressure but presents the facts. He is determined to guide clients to make the best decision for themselves. Durelle also emphasizes patience for new agents. “You are not going to land all the deals. It’s not personal,” says Durelle. “You need to build a reputation and build trust with people.” Durelle illustrates how his constant presence working in a clinic has allowed him to build a rapport with visitors. They will tell him how they have seen him multiple times and want to know about his business.

Durelle’s altruistic attitude toward his clients is encouraging to hear. “I like helping people,” says Durelle. When he presents product details and sees that the customer appears confused, Durelle stops and politely asks if they understand the product. Before going forward, he ensures that he clarifies what a plan entails and how it will affect them. By the end of the process, they are more comfortable and able to make wise decisions. “When I leave you, it is because you ran out of questions,” says Durelle joyfully. He is happy that clients know they are in good hands when they work with him. The ability to make a difference in lives and give each person peace of mind makes his work more fulfilling.

Durelle Jenkins poses for photographs at work and vacation.

Durelle Jenkins

Durelle’s Family and Hobbies

Outside work, Durelle prioritizes family, and going on adventures with his 12-year-old son is one of his greatest thrills. Like all good parents, Durelle wants his son to grow up with a better life than he had. His son enjoys playing football, basketball, soccer, and other sports, and Durelle treasures investing time with his son in those activities. He also sees the same competitive spirit that he had as a child.

Durelle also values exercising at the gym as a way to relax. Another relaxing experience for Durelle is traveling with his son on yearly father-son trips. Durelle’s favorite trip thus far is the one his son still fondly remembers from several years ago, a trip to Disney World and Legoland in Orlando, Florida. “We had a blast. We got to explore the city as well,” explains Durelle. The proud father believes their trips are much more valuable than material possessions because they create memories that last a lifetime.


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