Agent Spotlight – Gaston Morales

Gaston Morales is the subject of this month's agent spotlight.

Gaston’s Career

After nine years of successfully working in the tax business, Gaston Morales found himself out of work. In 2016, his employer began transferring job responsibilities overseas, leaving Gaston to seek a new yet familiar career. Gaston’s father sold insurance for New York Life Insurance Company for many years, and his positive experience inspired Gaston to begin studying for his state’s licensing exam. Soon, Gaston earned his license and began focusing on selling life insurance. Fast forward seven years later, and Gaston is now partnering with Empower Brokerage and is eager to continue selling life insurance, health insurance, and Medicare products.

Gaston is pleased to be partnering with Empower Brokerage. He cites the organization’s training and leads provisions as beneficial attributes. Gaston believes the training videos at Empower Brokerage are extremely valuable to agents and prepare them to offer the best products to clients. He also appreciates having Regional Sales Director Hector Gomez as a mentor. “Anytime I need help, he is always there,” says Mr. Morales. “Since I have Hector as a mentor, I don’t feel like I am by myself.” Gaston explains that before he presents to a customer, he ensures he has all the knowledge needed and is prepared to answer all their questions. “I try to be prepared and have as many tools as possible in my tool belt,” says Gaston. He always completes the proper research and looks for the best products to fit each client’s needs. Gaston is attentive to customer inquiries, including their desire to save money or their need for funds to cover additional expenses. He further explains how he genuinely cares for the people and tries to keep his clients happy. That satisfaction creates loyalty and will keep customers for a long time.

Additionally, Gaston receives satisfaction in knowing he helped people and prevents them from suffering in the future. He knows of individuals who have gotten ill without the proper health insurance coverage and others who become financially and emotionally devastated due to lacking life insurance. “So, you protect people when you sell them health insurance,” says Gaston. He is delighted when they realize they can afford high-quality coverage, and that positive outcome motivates him.

Gaston Morales and his family enjoy vacation together.

Gaston Morales and his family

Gaston Morales’ Advice and Hobbies

For seasoned veterans and new insurance agents, Gaston claims they must diligently work, have a positive attitude and refuse discouragement. He states you will face a lot of rejection in this business, but you can not let it get you down. The next meeting could be the encounter for a promising sale. “Keep working every day. Be prepared and have a good attitude,” states Mr. Morales. “You have to show up, and you have to put in the hours. That is the key to this business.” Gaston says a nine-to-five job has physical limitations because you can not work away from the office, but insurance is different. If you want to work seven days a week, you can do so. “If you like to protect people, then the sky is the limit,” says the West Texas agent. He strives to be one of the best agents, and his work effort will surely lead him to reach that goal. “Insurance is a good business. You are going to have bad and good days. But the rewards are good,” declares Gaston. “The more you work, the more rewards you will have. Don’t quit. Don’t get desperate because when you put in the hours and the work, everything comes by itself.”

Gaston works hard and enjoys keeping his mind and body healthy. He would encourage agents to exercise for at least 30 minutes at the gym or spend time outside jogging, walking, or practicing yoga. Gaston also likes cardio workouts and attends morning Zumba classes four times each week. “Every time your mind is healthy and your body as well, you have a positive attitude to help people,” says Gaston.


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