Task Prioritization And You

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Do you constantly find yourself running behind on tasks? Do you accidentally double-book yourself for client meetings? If this speaks to you, know that you are not alone. Many people struggle to keep up with their work and projects. The only thing we can do to mitigate the problem is to recognize the issue and begin to attack it. Today, I will discuss a few tips on how to keep your projects, clients, or anything else in order.

Keep Tasks In Check

The best way to keep tabs on your tasks for the day is to lay them out properly in front of you. We are simply prioritizing everything we have to do at any given time. First, start by labeling all the tasks you must complete in a given time. For this example, let us make the timeline a single day. So, for today, we need to:

  • Eat Lunch
  • Call Client
  • Check Emails
  • Have A Meeting In Another Town
  • Get Gas
  • Post on My Social Media

Clearly, we should not prioritize eating lunch first thing in the morning, so where do we go from here?

Task Prioritization Is Key

Task prioritization is a must-do when accomplishing any work.  As I mentioned above, in a busy schedule, you should never prioritize eating lunch as the number one thing to get done on any given day. It is 100% just as significant but not the most important. The idea behind task prioritization is to do just that. Prioritize your tasks! Using the example above, let us think through the processes. The importance of each task dictates my list of priorities. Each one has its own priority level. So, let’s go through the list once more and rank them via priority:

  • Get Gas (You cannot get to work without any gas!)
  • Check Emails (Checking your emails is very important; you could have a client cancel, and you would never know!)
  • Call Client: (Always remember to use phone etiquette; no one wants a call at 5 a.m.)
  • Eat Lunch (This depends on the time of day; try to stick to a schedule and remember to take care of yourself!)
  • Post On My Social Media (This is a bit of a bonus tip, but maybe you can post to your socials while you eat!)
  • Have a Meeting In Another Town (Depending on how far away it is and the time of day, this task can be volatile!)

Once we fully prioritize the tasks, we can move on to the next step!

Task Execution

So, we have all the tasks listed, and now all that is left is to execute the plans. What we do now is go about our day. Congrats! You did it! Oh no, your favorite gas station is closed! What do we do now? Oops. We lost the phone number of the client. What was the name of the town we were going to? Don’t worry! Situations are constantly changing, and we can only try to keep up. We can do all the planning in the world, but one curve ball can topple us. In those circumstances, we must adapt to the adversity and keep pushing forward! You already have the plan in front of you. Sometimes, it does not matter how we get it done. Do not take your foot off the pedal, and keep on trucking! We already have the plan in place, but we need to execute it despite all the changes. It is easy to get frustrated and let things fall between the cracks. We can’t let that happen! Do your best; you got this!

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