Agent Spotlight – Joseph Barajas

Joseph Barajas the featured agent spotlight.

Joseph Barajas

Agent Spotlight – Joseph Barajas

Joseph Barajas has worked with Empower Brokerage for the last year and a half and has worked in the insurance industry for the previous five years. He understands how valuable it has been for him to have found a career with Empower Brokerage.

“When I first got my license, I didn’t know what the next step was [for me],” said Joseph. A friend introduced him to Empower Brokerage and encouraged Joseph to partner with the field marketing organization. Joseph says the friendly atmosphere, tools, and resources are why he is thankful to work with the company. “Just knowing they provide all that training and support that is what made me switch to Empower.” Having worked with other organizations, Joseph sees why Empower Brokerage is unique. Other FMOs do not provide those resources and tools to agents. Joseph lists the seminars, marketing tools, comparative rater, and archived videos as beneficial assets for independent and career agents. “I was surprised by that. If anytime you forget how to do something, you can always go back to the Empower website,” said Joseph.

The Brownsville-born agent moved to Texas eight years ago after spending most of his life in Minnesota. “I went from living in a town of less than 1300 people to living in a town with 20,000 people,” cites Joseph. “It was such a huge culture shock. It was something different. It was new.”

When working with clients, Joseph realizes they have initial concerns. Callers are usually nervous about speaking with someone over the phone about their Medicare needs. Joseph is there to assure them that he is qualified as a licensed agent and does not work for just one carrier, but works with many of them, so he has an unbiased view. “Before we even talk about what plans are available and what is the best fit for them, I give them an in-depth rundown of how Medicare actually works,” explains the Minnesota-raised agent. “And most people don’t know how it works. They know of it but don’t know the ins and outs of it.”

Advice, Hobbies, and the Future

Joseph’s motivation to help people comes from his good character. As a young man, he witnessed an agent placing his grandparents on the wrong health plans resulting in them struggling with their healthcare needs. The unfortunate incident motivated Joseph to learn about insurance and obtain a license to help others avoid similar situations. “No matter what profession you work in, there will always be some bad apples,” said Joseph. “But if you get the chance to correct those wrongs, [you] get that sense of accomplishment that you are protecting the community you work for.”

Mr. Barajas also has sound advice for new and experienced agents in the industry. He knows an insurance agent’s job can be challenging but would encourage people to never give up on their careers. He believes that if you have a support system like Empower Brokerage, you certainly will do well. Furthermore, Joseph states that agents should not be afraid to ask questions because there is always someone available to ask and who knows the answer.

In his time away from work, Joseph enjoys traveling to the beach, cooking, photography, hiking, and camping. He also has goals for his future. “Hopefully, in the future, I can start my own agency or even an FMO one day,” said Joseph. He understands those goals will not come easy or quickly but believes his passion for insurance will help him reach his goals, however long it takes.


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