Agent Spotlight – Rafael Ozul

Rafael Ozul’s New Career

Rafael Ozul has worked in construction, hospitality, and management jobs, but getting the opportunity to work as an agent that helps people every day has truly changed his life. The Pharr native ventured into the insurance world less than a year ago as he first successfully secured his license to sell insurance. Rafael was well-prepared to hit the ground running when the open enrollment began last October. Rafael’s success abounded so much this open enrollment that he is two clients away from having 100 Medicare clients. Rafael believes partnering with Empower Brokerage was the right decision and led to him doing so well so quickly. “It has changed my life for the better,” says Mr. Ozul.
Furthermore, Rafael feels Empower Brokerage has provided excellent resources for agents to be successful. He drew many of his clients from working in a clinic but also from Empower Brokerage provided leads. Rafael explains how during the open enrollment period, he set aside time on the weekends to follow up with his leads, and adhering to this schedule greatly benefited his production.

When Rafael interacts with clients, he does not act selfishly. He doesn’t think about closing a sale. Instead, he concentrates on making a human connection with the people before him as he offers them a Medicare review. “Sometimes it leads to an enrollment,” says Rafael. “It is just helping them understand what [coverage] they have and what to expect.” He explains that sometimes people come up to him at the clinic where he works, and Rafael explains what Medicare benefits the person currently has under their current plan. Rafael is honest. “I’ll tell you if I feel the insurance you have now is your best fit,” says Rafael. “I will let you know what exactly fits your needs. It depends on what you are looking for. Everybody is different, of course.”
Rafael’s friendly manner has allowed him to acquire referrals as well. He illustrates how one lady regularly asks him for help regarding her coverage, although she is not his client. Rafael is happy to assist her and lets her know that if she needs anything, he is available. That helpful attitude has led the lady’s two cousins to become Rafael’s clients. “You never know who the people you help might turn out to be,” says the first-year agent. Another client helped Rafael acquire his new office space. “It’s about helping people. So, my approach is never about closing or making a sale,” says Rafael. “It’s about helping them see what they need. A lot of the time, what [health plan] they have is what they should be on. I always look to help them [see what’s right for them].”

Rafael’s Advice

The successful South Texas agent believes this career is perfect for him because it matches his personality, and he truly enjoys helping people. He also has sound advice for fellow agents, and the guidance can apply to everyone. “Don’t be afraid to walk into new territory and do something new,” says Rafael. “When you do something new and learn, then that is when it is most rewarding.”

Rafael emphasizes that fear stops many people from achieving success in what they want to accomplish. Overcoming that fear is vital to move forward. He believes when a person needs help, they should not be afraid to ask for it. He is grateful for the people that helped him in his career. Rafael reaches out to his upline when he has a question to ask and appreciates the positive feedback. “I’m always learning. Every day there is something new to learn,” says Rafael. “There is always someone to reach out to and someone to get an answer from.”
Rafael acknowledges that people need to have a vision of what they want to do. “Always put yourself in the position to feed that purpose. Have a clear vision,” says the Pharr native. “It may not be a clear path [to the goal]. But if you have a vision, go for it. I am doing what I want to do. I am going for it, and that is the most rewarding part.”


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