Agent Spotlight – Roxana Galindo

Agent Spotlight – Roxana Galindo

Several years ago, Roxana Galindo witnessed a friend’s insurance presentation that changed her life. She became intrigued by Medicare and the various health plans available to those over 65. The educational experience motivated Roxana to change professions and pursue a new career in the insurance industry. Soon after, in 2018, she earned her state license to sell insurance and became a telesales agent.

Roxana enjoyed her work in telesales but found several aspects of the job challenging. Multiple colleagues encouraged her to partner with Empower Brokerage; they emphasized how the organization gives independent agents opportunities to succeed in the field. Being an independent agent also garnered a new schedule so Roxana could spend more time with her family. “I liked the idea of having a flexible schedule and getting my full commissions,” says Roxana joyfully. “So, that was a win-win as well.”

Over the last two years partnering with Empower Brokerage, Roxana has started an agency, Health First Insurance Services, and assisted over 500 clients with Medicare and ACA products. She looks forward to learning more about life insurance and expanding her sales repertoire. When Roxana first meets potential customers, the sixth-year agent ensures they know there is no commitment to buy a plan with her, but she is there to help them find the right plan to fit their needs. Roxana says each client is significant to her, and she has developed good relationships with them through one-on-one consultations. “To me, it’s amazing that I get to meet them. They are very grateful for my assistance, and I’ve grown close to them,” explains Roxana. “They do visit me frequently. They reach out to me. I have that connection with my clients, and I love it.” The Laredo native further explains that her new clients regret that, in previous years, they did not know what their insurance covers or their options. She gets to help them solve that problem and offer them plans that fit better for their circumstances. Roxana says her clients see the difference and are satisfied with the providers on their network, can visit the doctor they want to see, and save on medical costs. Seeing those clients pleased with their insurance choices brings her happiness.

Roxana believes Empower Brokerage certainly has played a role in her flourishing business. The FMO’s tools have considerably impacted her sales efforts. She treasures LeadServ, the company’s exclusive lead distribution system’s beneficial attributes. “I like that they tell me what the clients need. The client information is there,” says the South Texas agent. “They tell me if the client has Medicare or Medicaid and what they are looking for. So, LeadServ has been awesome for me.” Roxana also utilizes another Empower resource, Lead Maximizer, a data mining engine that permits agents to generate cold call lists for any market they target and filter potential clients based on demographics. Upon contracting with three to four carriers with Empower, agents receive access to Lead Maximizer. Then, Empower Brokerage supplies an initial 2,000 leads credit on the tool and one-on-one training with an insurance expert. “I am thankful for the opportunity Empower Brokerage has given me,” says Roxana. “I’m very satisfied and look forward to the future. It’s been very rewarding. I hope to stay here for the long run.”

Roxana’s Hobbies and Advice

Roxana prioritizes family time with her daughters. The family enjoys going to the gym together and working out for at least one hour to better their health and well-being. Among other shared interests, Roxana cherishes watching her daughters participate in boxing.

When asked what advice Roxana would extend to fellow agents, she says that agents must understand that they are continuously learning something new because every year has new plans. It is always something different. “You are growing with your clients,” says Roxana. “I’ve only been here two years, and I have grown my book of business. It is very rewarding.”


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