Agent Spotlight – Tiffany Stevens

The February agent spotlight shines on Tiffany Stevens.

Tiffany Stevens’ Career

In 2006, Tiffany Stevens began working in the marketing department for a national insurance carrier. In her new role, she appreciated educating people throughout Mississippi about the company’s products. By her third year at the organization, she moved into sales but quickly found the drawbacks of only being able to offer one product to her clients. “I was in the [client’s] house with these people, and they needed help,” explains Tiffany. She soon realized that she needed to be able to share different products with customers to meet their insurance needs. Later, when she worked in marketing for a retirement community, Tiffany noticed how many people needed ancillary products, such as long-term care insurance. As her family began to grow, Tiffany would dedicate the next eight years to focusing on her family as she and her husband welcomed two sons into their lives. 

This past year, Tiffany decided she wanted to return to serving people in her community. Yet, she also wanted a flexible schedule to remain hands-on with her sons each afternoon and attend the boys’ school activities. Getting back to the insurance world seemed like a good fit. Tiffany began studying for her state’s insurance exam and also came in contact with a high school classmate, Mark Perkins, who encouraged her to join his team at Novel Solutions. After passing her insurance examination, Tiffany joined her old friend’s team and began selling Medicare products during the 2023 annual enrollment period. The Jackson, Mississippi native states Mark has been an extraordinary mentor in her new career. She says, “He is a great teacher [that makes] sure I understand how the products work and how to explain to the clients the best way to utilize the benefits [and] products.” He also highly recommended and encouraged Tiffany to partner with Empower Brokerage.

Once Tiffany got contracted to work with Empower Brokerage, she was amazed by everything the organization offers agents. “Starting a new career is very scary, [but] you all have this entire national team to help you with all the products and training,” explains the Mississippi independent agent. “Everyone is a phone call away and an email away.” Tiffany further states that this advantage drew her to Empower because she needed to feel that she was not alone and could pick up the phone and call an expert anytime she needed help. For instance, if she has a question about Medicare, Tiffany has confidence she can call Empower’s Senior Benefits Specialist, John Shinn, to assist her just as he has done multiple times. Her enthusiasm for her work has quickly cultivated success in her brief time as an agent. The skills she has honed with Empower Brokerage’s tools and training have allowed her to sell Medicare, ACA, and ancillary plans. Tiffany is also currently attending Empower Brokerage webinars and training to get contracted to sell life insurance.

Agent of the month Tiffany Stevens spends time with her family at home and on vacation.

Tiffany Stevens with her husband, two sons, and their dog.

Tiffany’s Motivation and Advice

As a wife and mother of two, Tiffany says her family is part of her motivation for her career. She is happy to provide more for her family, help her husband in this manner, and create a better life for them. She also is driven in her job to educate and help many more people. “I’m not just sitting back and letting someone else educate them,” says Tiffany. She believes in doing her part to help people make sound insurance decisions so that when difficult times arise, they know they are covered and need not worry. She wants clients to know they have a trusted advisor in her. They only need to pick up the phone and call her at any time to receive answers to their questions.  

When Tiffany speaks to clients, she tries to educate them and does not consider herself in a sales position. She believes it is imperative to be genuinely concerned about client’s needs and what they are experiencing right now. When asked what advice the new agent would give to others who are starting an insurance career, Tiffany recommends finding a local insurance agent to work with, and she definitely suggests partnering with Empower Brokerage because of all the resources and training they offer. “I would never have thought that [an organization] could do that,” says Tiffany. “They could provide all these resources to help us do our jobs better and become the professionals and experts we want to be.”


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