Boost Sales with Express Complete


How to Boost Sales with Express Complete

Many insurance salespeople are not very adept at cross-selling. With so much to learn and changes to monitor, it’s hard to think about other ancillary products or opportunities. However, cross-selling is the single greatest opportunity to make extra money and help clients for fully, without much extra time investment. It takes just a few minutes to ask an extra question to talk about life insurance, and many people actually do want more than they currently have. But, how do you easily fulfill a life insurance request once the client wants it?

That’s where Express Complete comes in.

An Express Complete Example

Imagine you are a Medicare Advantage agent and that’s all you do. You eat, sleep, and breathe Medicare Advantage and don’t think of much else.
Now imagine yourself touching base with your clients, to find out how they’re doing. You talk about the kids, the house, their policy, and then you’re about to end the call when you remember Express Complete.

You decide to dip your toe in the water and just ask if they’ve thought about their life insurance. Do they have enough? How do they know?

The client wants to add $250,000 in term coverage, but you don’t know the first thing about processing a life application or getting a quote. So, you turn to and the drop ticket system for help.

You do this because you know that you DO NOT need to know much about the application process. It’s so easy that you can submit a client during lunch, from your mobile phone.

The carrier does the rest!

That’s right….Get a Quote….Ask a few questions….Submit…and you’re done!

This works equally well no matter what line of insurance is your primary focus. In fact, even if your primary focus is life insurance, Express Complete acts like your very own production assistant. You end up selling more.

Express Complete Process

Once you enter the Express Complete app from, you will simply enter a few pieces of information to generate a quote. You will then see the available plans and will choose one.

Once you choose a plan and submit, a qualified carrier representative will receive the request and get your client’s application done for you. There’s nothing more for you to do except log in to your agent account and check on the progress.

The best part is that you don’t pay anything for this. You don’t give anything up. The only thing you do is make your job easier and increase your production with very little effort.

Check out our Drop Ticket area and register for Express Complete.

Get AIG, SBLI, and North American from the Contracting Area and you’re all set.

Let us know if you have questions. We want you to succeed.

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