Check Out Medico’s Hospital Indemnity Insurance!

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Hospital indemnity insurance is the final piece to the health care puzzle!

Are you talking to your clients about it?   

  • Affordability is typically the #1 question about hospital indemnity insurance. This gives you the perfect opportunity to address the cost of NOT having coverage – whether it’s for an emergency room visit with an observation stay or a full hospital stay.
  • Hospital Indemnity is designed to pay for some or all of the costs of inpatient hospitalization. If the client goes to the hospital, they will receive a check from Medico depending on the benefit level.

See why Hospital Indemnity is a perfect fit!

  • It creates a great cross-sell opportunity all year long.
  • It pays in addition to Medicare or other insurance plans.
  • MyEnroller makes it easy to apply.

Use the Hospital Indemnity worksheet, featured below, to design a plan to complete your clients’ health care coverage. To download the worksheet, click here.

Not contracted with Medico? What are you waiting for? Add this hospital indemnity plan to your product portfolio today!

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