Empower Brokerage Offers Illinois Mutual

Empower Brokerage Is Proud to Offer Illinois Mutual

Empower Brokerage continuously pours time and effort into agent training. We work to grow agent knowledge with carrier specific training at every opportunity. Throughout the year, Empower Brokerage hosts meetings with carrier guest speakers to educate agents. Most recently, we hosted a seminar in south Texas with Illinois Mutual guest speakers.

Illinois Mutual Products

The guest speakers from Illinois Mutual educated agents about the product solutions they offer. Illinois Mutual is a new life product to Empower Brokerage’s portfolio. The carrier offers whole life, term life, and even short term disability. This is huge as short term disability is a very rare product for carriers to provide.

The Empower Brokerage Message

Our Empower Brokerage team members in attendance also gave their input on how to use what Illinois Mutual provides. Sherry Coretz, the Regional Sales Manager at Empower Brokerage, always encourages agents to believe in their product. Personally, Sherry wishes she could purchase every product she offers her clients. Sherry has first hand experience with the client side of Illinois Mutual as she is a policy holder. She advises agents this is the easiest way to get contracted with a just-in-time contracting carrier. Sherry also believes this is the best way to provide superior customer service.

Call Enrique Torres or Sherry Cortez to discuss further how to expand your portfolio with Illinois Mutual. Email Enrique or Sherry to begin the contracting process for Illinois Mutual!

Enrique Torres: (817) 410-5812 (direct line) or etorres@empowerbrokerage.com (direct email)

Sherry Cortez: (817) 410-5852 (direct line) or scortez@empowerbrokerage.com (direct email)