Humana Promotes Health and Wellness with GO365

Hey agents! There’s even more incentive to represent Humana! They’re now¬†rolling out their new and improved wellness rewards program called Go365 – once called Vitality. This three-step process not only rewards consumers in the way of a healthier and better self, but it also offers monetary benefits! So when presenting this carrier to your clients, don’t forget to tell them about Go365!

Simple steps to a healthier life

Humana is rewarding its members for choosing to make healthier choices!  To get started, Humana has put in place a program that is designed to assist members in their daily lives by making simple changes.

Step 1 – Know Your Health:

A member completes a brief Health Assessment online that helps determine your Go365 age.¬†¬†The age is determined based on a questionnaire that asks questions about the¬†member’s health and history.¬† The age that is determined is a measurement of whether that individuals body is living younger or older than their actual age.

Step 2 – Set Goals:

The Go365 program will help the member set goals so that they can make healthier choices, and will recommend activities that will allow the member to achieve those goals.  Those might include a walking program to achieve a healthier weight, personal coaching to quit smoking or an educational module to achieve a less stressful daily routine.

Step 3 – Get Rewarded:

Once the member starts reporting their progress to Go365 they will then begin to earn rewards for the progress that is made.  Points can be earned several ways including registering daily steps on a compatible fitness device, obtaining preventative care that is recommended, and by receiving biometric screening results that are in a healthy range.

Rewarded points can then be cashed in for several items including merchant gift cards, fitness devices, workout gear and apparel, movie tickets, bicycling equipment, and several other items.  Your status is determined by your progress and effort to stay healthy. 

The Go365 application is only available to members of Humana.

If you have any questions, please call us toll-free (888) 539-1633.

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