Learn How to Build a Better Relationship with Your Clients from Humana

Building Better Relationships with Your Client

Ensure Clients Complete the Health Risk Assessment

Help your clients get into the right insurance plan that fit their needs by making sure they complete the Health Risk Assessment!

The assessment is taken online, and looks at a variety of health factors.  It pin points health factors that will help the client choose the right plan for them based on their health and wellness.  The client can then access their report through a confidential and secure website.

Inform Clients of Humana’s Added Programs and Resources

When you communicate the value of these programs and resources you will find you build value, earn more enrollments, and retain more members.  Also, you build a relationship and your client will trust that you are wanting the best interest for them.

Understand the Products You’re Selling

Knowing the product you are selling helps to ensure that your clients understand how to use and maximize the benefits of our products and services as well.  The Humana portal has many helpful tips and descriptions for each product they offer to assist you in getting to know that product and what it entails.

Share Humana’s Integrated Care Capabilities

You can learn about Integrated Care and share Humana’s capabilities geared toward helping people achieve their best health. What is Integrated Care?  Integrated care is the opposite of sick care according to Humana’s CEO Bruce Broussard.  Humana is focused on a model that gives physicians and other healthcare providers incentives and tools to help people be healthy.

Remember, it is up to you to look for those moments, if during the sales presentation or the 30-60-90 day follow-up call, to make the connection to the person and the care that Humana can offer them.

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