Leads: How Are You Expanding Your Book of Business?

Being an Agent can be difficult if you’re book of business is not expanding. You can have the best carriers in the world, you can be knowledgeable about different types of products but if you’re not generating more business your ceiling is capped. What are you doing to expand your current potential? More importantly, how are you bringing in new business?  Are you investing in lead programs to take your work to the next level? Today we will give you tips on how to successfully generate leads as well as what Empower Brokerage has to offer.

Social Media Leads

How are you using the tools you have at your disposal? Are you on social media? How about talking to your current clients? Are you doing grassroots marketing? These are questions you should be asking yourself and how they can be utilized. Social media is free marketing to friends, family members, and acquaintances. Whether it’s through creating a personal business page and sending out conversation starters or short videos explaining different medicare concepts you can build quite a following.

Current Client Referrals

How are you working with your current clients? Have you ever followed back up with them to combine their Medicare plan with a medicare supplement? Have you talked to them about final expense or life insurance? Your clients need you for more than just basic medicare needs and they would rather go through one agent for everything besides three different ones. How about asking existing clients for referrals? If your clients enjoyed working with you, you can be sure they would recommend you to a friend or co-worker. Ask your clients if they know anyone you could possibly help with their insurance needs!

Grassroots Marketing

How are you using grassroots marketing? Not only is it one of the most effective ways to identify your market, but also to find likes and dislikes. How can you share the word? Use emotional appeal to get the message about the need for insurance.  Why not do something crazy to get more views, like a funny video that’s topic is about insurance. Get as creative as you can and watch the new leads roll in.

Empower Brokerage Leads

Empower Brokerage also offers different lead programs that you can take part in. Whether it’s from our global database with Lead Maximizer. Our Leadserv system built on CRM leads located on our website’s back office. Or even Business reply cards that send out 1,000 piece mailers, we have plenty of different options to help you generate leads.

For more information give us a call at 888-539-1633 or Give Tyler Culp a call about our lead programs at 817-410-5831.