What Agents Need to Know about Selling Medicare Supplements

Medicare Supplement Plan Types


There are six Medicare Supplement plan options: F, N, G, L, K, High F. In most states, the plan options offer standard benefits, meaning that benefits cannot vary from one plan to the next. For instance, if a company offers a plan F, then they must offer the same benefits as the other carriers also offering plan F. Ultimately, the only difference between carriers offering Medicare Supplements is the monthly premium, as well as added benefits like Silver Sneakers.


If agents plan to include Medicare Supplements in their product portfolio, then they need to have access to our quoting engine so that they can compare companies and plans when needed. With our comparative rater, agents can see which carriers are the best in their area; this will help agents choose the right carriers to contract.

Overall, the most common Medicare Supplement plans are currently plans F, N, G, and High Deductible F (as of 2017). However, since premium prices differ by county, state, and carrier, plan popularity is not static. Again, this is why it is important for agents to have access to a quoting engine.


Underwriting for Medicare Supplements is not the same for all clients; it depends on their situation and their residing state. For instance, those turning 65 or those with a qualifying event have guaranteed issue. In some states, all plans are guaranteed issue whereas other states only offer guaranteed issue during certain periods.

Medicare Supplement Leads

Whereas Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part D Rx plans are subject to CMS rules, Medicare Supplements is not. Instead, they follow rules set by insurance companies and state insurance departments. In other words, there’s very little oversight. As a result, agents have more freedom in terms of marketing the plans.

At Empower Brokerage, we offer a wide selection of lead programs that are, in many cases, free. If not free, then we offer a 50/50 Co-Op to help agents with the cost. In order to qualify for these leads, all agents must complete the Leads Program Prerequisite course in the Empower University on our agent portal. After course completion, agents must reach out to one of Empower’s sales experts for a debriefing via our toll-free number: (888) 539-1633. Agents may call DeWayne Long (ext. 5850) or John Shinn (ext. 5818) for help choosing the right carriers to contract.

After the training and the debriefing, agents may begin requesting leads and filling out order forms. CLICK HERE TO ACCESS OUR 50/50 CO-OP FORMS.

Medicare lead strategies and types:

  • Lead Maximizer
  • Mail response leads (Also called BRC leads)
  • LeadServ – Online leads
  • Telemarketed leads (Also called Pre-set Appointments)
  • Seminar sales
  • Retail location sales 

Medicare Supplement Compensation

Compensation varies depending on the carrier. Typically, it ranges from 12% to 26% commission on premium. However, there are several factors to consider. For instance, the age of the client at the time you write them influences the commission. Additionally, the state you’re licensed in, the plan type (F, N, G, L, K, High F), and the insurer all play a factor in commissions. For the most part, carriers offer a 9-15 month advance on commission. They also pay agents directly within one to two weeks of processing the application. Other the other hand, it should be noted that if an agency or up-line is paying the commission to you, then you do not own your book of business.

Medicare Supplement Sales Training

Since Medicare Supplements are not regulated by CMS, there’s little training needed. Regardless, all agents should have a thorough knowledge of the products they sell, especially if they’re new to selling them. Empower Brokerage not only offers one-on-one training with our product specialists, but we also provide extensive training in our Empower University.

If you have any questions, please call us toll-free (888) 539-1633.

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