Outdoor Activities During The Pandemic

Outdoor activities during pandemic

Since March, when stay at home orders were enacted, it has been very easy to feel trapped at home. Even with places lifting the most extreme of the restrictions, it is still unsafe to do most fun things to get out of the house. Luckily, you are much less likely to get infected outdoors, so here are some great safe outdoor activities to do during the pandemic!

Running, Biking, and Skateboarding

Being outdoors is much less likely to spread COVID-19 because fresh air is constantly moving which does not allow for respiratory droplets that spread the virus to stay around long. This is doubly effective if you are also moving. These exercises are great for getting outside, recharging your solar batteries, and staying safe. I am an avid longboarder and spent a lot of my time during the initial lockdown rolling around the neighborhood. In addition, biking and running are great options since keep you moving and further away from people.

Water Activities That Allow Distance

While going to a crowded beach is rather unsafe, water activities such as boating, jet skiing, and kayaking are safer.

Getting out on a water vehicle is a great way to maintain social distance while having fun outdoors. For motorized water vehicles, such as motorboats and jet skis, the law in Texas dictates that you have to maintain a distance of at least 50 feet from any other water vehicles to maintain safety.

Manual powered water vehicles, such as kayaks, paddleboards, and canoes, are also great for maintaining distance. If you are too close to another watercraft or person it is likely to be unsafe aside from COVID-19.

Camping, Hunting, And Fishing

Camping has the same safety benefits as other outdoor activities with the circulation of clean air helping to reduce infection rates. Hunting and fishing are both great for maintaining distance since being in a large crowd would be directly counter to the goals of hunters and anglers. Since a quiet environment where animals are undisturbed is crucial for either activity, you would likely be maintaining social distancing during these whether it was during COVID-19 or not.

Getting Outdoors Is Great For Other Reasons 

Getting outside is great for mental health and for having fun. It is great for your body in lots of other ways such as lowering stress and blood pressure. So make sure to get outside during quarantine and have fun and be healthy! Give these outdoor activities a try during the pandemic so that you can stay happy and healthy.

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