Reasons to Sell Short Term Recovery Care from Medico

Short Term Recovery Care is a smart alternative for those who cannot afford long-term care. Moreover, short-term care protects against clients’ financial assets when they face an unexpected accident or illness that requires a short stay in a Nursing or Assisted Living facility or for Home Health Care, Adult Day Care, or Hospice Care. Instead of using savings or retirement income, clients can rely on Short Term Recovery Care to meet their recovery needs.

This is a product that nearly 70% of individuals over 65 need. Protect your clients from the financial risk that comes from staying in a $6,965/month private room at a nursing facility by presenting them with Medico’s Short-Term Recovery Care plan.

In addition to financial protection, Medico offers several other benefits that set them apart from their competition in Short Term Recovery Care:

  • Short application with no medical exams required
  • Daily benefit amount options are $100 to $300 in $10 increments
  • Lifetime maximum benefit period options of 120, 240, or 360 days 
  • 0, 15 or 30 day waiting periods
  • 10% Household discount

Check out Medico’s Short Term Recovery Care Field Guide for qualifications for coverage and underwriting as well as our Short Term Recovery Care Brochure for consumers.


We hope that this information on selling short-term recovery from Medico is useful to you.

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