3 Ways To Beat the Heat This Summer

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Summer is here, and we all know how hot it can get. Your shirt begins to stick to your chest, your shorts or skirts are all you wear, and open-toed shoes are aplenty. We crank up the AC in the car, and we roast just trying to drive down the street. You can’t avoid the heat, and it feels like you have tried everything, right? I have a few tips to consider to try to beat this awful heat and to keep you feeling (and looking) cool.

Hydration Is Key

When the weather becomes extremely hot outside, our bodies do all they can to keep our body temperatures down through perspiration. It is normal to experience heavy perspiration during summer, and you must replenish what you use! We sweat to cool down our bodies, but how does it work exactly? The natural process relies on a physics principle called “heat of vaporization.” Our bodies dispense sweat to absorb the heat and, with that absorbed heat, sweat either falls off our bodies or evaporates, then we repeat the process. We need to help our bodies by ensuring we stay hydrated! Our bodies use water to produce sweat (and perform any function), but we run into problems if we fail to hydrate enough. Do not forget to take water breaks this summer!

Summer Colors

There is some actual science to summer colors besides looking cool (see what I did there?).  Lighter colors such as white, blue, and orange absorb less light or “bounce” the light. The darker your clothing, the more light it absorbs. You may think, “Well, what does light have to do with heat?” If you are pondering that, then I’m here to tell you that light is energy, and energy can transform into heat. You wouldn’t want to walk around with a heat pack on your body in the dead of summer, right? Before heading out for the day, take a moment and rethink your outfit. The same concept applies in reverse. You can wear darker clothing in the winter to help keep you warm. That heat pack sounds pretty good in the winter — doesn’t it?

Summer Nights Are Cool

Many of us decide to wind down for the night once it reaches a particular time of day. I find it’s time to ease back and prepare for the night when the clock gets to around 6 p.m. Practical as it might be, I am missing out on taking advantage of some cooler weather. The sun is our source of heat and light, so when the sun sets, the heat goes too. While the earth continues to rotate, the sun shines directly on a different part of the globe. The redirected heat will keep your region of the world cooler, freeing you up to enjoy some outdoor activities. Try scheduling a walk when the sun begins to set or get your shopping done after 6 or 7 p.m. It may not sound like much, but the temperature difference can grant some great relief!

Whatever your summer plans are, no one can escape the heat forever. If you find yourself outside in the sun, take caution, as high temperatures and extended exposure to the sun can be dangerous. You should apply a healthy amount of sunscreen, drink plenty of water, and get in the shade. Outdoor activities can be fun but limit your exposure to the elements. Stay safe, and have fun this summer!

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