Agent Spotlight – William Wise

William Wise is the subject of this month's agent spotlight.

William Wise

In early 2020, William Wise was working a steady job in the restaurant business and found himself welcoming a newborn daughter into his household. Life quickly changed a few weeks later with the pandemic affecting eating establishments. Suddenly, William was out of work and wondering where he could find job security. He then began researching job opportunities and found that he could seek an insurance career. While working a seasonal job with United Healthcare, a friend introduced William to Empower Brokerage. “I thought it was a great opportunity when I saw all the training and resources,” says Mr. Wise. “I applied, and I’m blessed to be here.” At Empower Brokerage, William’s role is that of a call center agent, and his sales focus on a little bit of everything from health insurance to Medicare to ancillary products.

Empower Brokerage’s tools and resources clearly stand out to William. He notes how industry-leading professionals, like Jeff Hess and John Shinn, are always available to assist agents with their questions and help agents succeed. “Any help you need is just a call away,” says William. The Laredo-based agent also credits Laredo Call Center Manager Deyanira Rodriguez for her leadership in their South Texas office. “She is a great asset to the company, and she knows a lot,” says William. “She has an answer for everything.” When asked about the atmosphere of the Laredo office, William describes his coworkers as a good team and like a little family. He states the environment is always positive. “Even if I didn’t get a sale today, we help others by assisting them in their sales. So, it is a lot of teamwork,” explains Mr. Wise. He is always willing to help.

When speaking to clients over the phone, William feels patience is most vital. He believes that an agent needs to be considerate of others and their level of understanding of healthcare. For instance, he describes how some people know very little about Medicare, but the agent, as an expert, must listen to the client’s needs to be able to help. William would suggest his fellow agents practice understanding and patience right from the start of conversing with customers. “You carry that badge. You are a professional, and people are going to look for your help and advice. That’s our job,” says William. He comments that agents must take their job to heart and do it for others rather than self-gain. William is grateful to have found a career with Empower Brokerage. It has allowed him the opportunity to grow as a professional and allowed him to work with people on a one-to-one basis. His insurance career has also brought him stability.

William Wise and his family pose for photographs.

William’s Family and Hobbies

Blessed with a wife and two daughters, the third-year insurance agent sees being a family man as his highest priority. William says his family motivates him. He does not want to remain stagnant but desires to keep moving forward. “Regardless, if it is one step or a leap, it doesn’t matter as long as you are moving forward,” remarks William. He works full-time, is a full-time student, and will graduate this December. Williams advises not to think about the workload but rather “grab the bull by the horns. Don’t think about it and just do it.”
In his spare time, William enjoys fishing and cross-fit training. The intense workouts have paid off after he lost 20 pounds in two months. For William, those hobbies are secondary to his number one hobby, spending time with his family. “Ever since I had my daughter, her hobbies are my hobbies,” exclaims William. “I’m big on family time. And that’s what I’m dedicated to now.”


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