AHIP Certified Agents: Get Contracted with Humana

AHIP Certified Agents: Get Contracted with Humana

As of 2014, Humana had over 13 million customers in the U.S. They are a reliable carrier with competitive benefits.

Humana is a strong, reliable carrier with competitive benefits for agents. By getting contracted with Humana, you can expand your business.

Humana provides customizable marketing materials for their agents’ use. You can easily download their available materials, and use them as aids while talking to prospective clients.

In order to sell Humana products, you must first get certified with the Americans Health Insurance Plans (AHIP). AHIP is an educational/training program designed to prepare agents for selling Medicare Advantage plans. It outlines all the CMS guidelines for the year that you will need to know. You have to go through the AHIP program every year, as carriers change their plans.  AHIP usually takes about 6-8 hours to get through. Once you study the AHIP information, you must take a test. You have 3 attempts to take the exam.

Steps of Getting Contracted with Humana

  1. Learn about Humana products
  2. Complete Humana’s online form
  3. A Humana representative will contact you to discuss the contracting process

Get certified with AHIP and contracted with Humana today!

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