Health Benefits of Valentine’s Day

Health Benefits of Valentine’s Day

It’s that time of year again! When candy and flowers are around every corner – Valentine’s Day. Little did you know, there might be some health benefits to these holiday staples.

Below are some of the little known health benefits of Valentine’s Day!

Health Benefits of Chocolate

The average American eats about 12 pounds of chocolate per year. Chocolate gets a bad rep, being linked to obesity and heart disease, but people have been talking about the health benefits of coco for years. Men in ancient times believed chocolate would make them more fertile. During the 1800s, doctors sometimes prescribed the treat to patients for a broken heart. As for today’s standards, what does the research say about the health benefits of chocolate?

Although it is no secret that chocolate is high in calorie count, but you might not know how high. Each box of chocolate typically has between 155 and 175 calories per ounce. However, chocolate has quite a few healthy attributes! It contains a type of healthy saturated fat (yes, healthy saturated fats exist), stearic acid. This fat is the kind also the healthy fat found in beef. Chocolate also dilates your blood vessels and makes your arteries more elastic. It is important to remember that dark chocolate contains MUCH greater benefits than milk or sweetened chocolate. Flavonols are found in dark chocolate, which can help lower blood pressure by improving blood flow to the brain.

Health Benefits of Flowers

While flowers may give you warm and fuzzy feelings, they also have the potential to lower your blood pressure. Flowers have several factors that contribute to the¬†health benefits¬†of Valentine’s Day.¬†Studies have found that participants were more relaxed physiologically and psychologically after looking at fresh roses for a few moments. Certain natural scents have been proven to lower stress levels as well. Lavender, chamomile and jasmine all have calming effects on the brain. Have you ever wondered why people give flowers to sick patients in hospitals? Hospitals frequently have a green space for patients to visit, as research shows that relaxed patients heal quicker than stressed patients. Furthermore, flowers can help your concentration and memory retention. Plants add oxygen to the air around us, which boosts your brain cells and improve alertness.

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