Molina Healthcare Extends Binder Payment for January 1st Effective Date to January 15th

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Molina has extended the binder payment deadline for a January 1st effective date to January 15th!

Enrolling clients in a Marketplace plan is only the first step. You also have to ensure that your clients pay their full binder payment in order to effectuate coverage! Molina has extended the due date to make sure that you have enough time to assist your clients. Molina Healthcare. Molina encourages agents to use to process payments. Once at the website, select the option to Pay Online as a Guest. This is the fastest way to pay. Additionally, if you have the ACA Express Engine with Empower Brokerage, you have the option to pay through there. Lastly, you are also welcome to pay by phone. If you or your clients need any assistance processing payments, contact the Molina Premium Payment Department. See their hours of operation below, as well as the contact number assigned to each state.


Molina Premium Payment Department Hours of Operation
Weekdays 7am – 11pm (Eastern Time)
Weekends 8am – 9pm (Eastern Time)

For questions about this and other matters, call Empower Brokerage toll-free at (888) 539-1633.


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