Mario Andres Olivarez, New Regional Sales Director For Corpus Christi

Empower Brokerage has continued to expand over the past few months. Due to this expansion, we have noticed a need to better equip our agents around the country with more training, events, and resources to continue their growth. Most notably, in the area of Corpus Christi, Empower Brokerage has come alongside a veteran in the insurance world to better serve our agents. Today we would like to introduce you to our new Regional Sales Director, Mario Andres Olivarez.

Who Is Mario Olivarez?

Olivarez began his insurance career in 1983, totaling over 37 years of experience. When asked about what he enjoys most about the career path he has taken Olivarez stated “ I enjoy the freedom of being an Independent Insurance agent. Empower Brokerage provides the two most important things that make you successful: A track to run on (system) and prospective clients (a qualified prospect on a favorable basis) to see at no cost to the agent.” Being an expert in the field has given him the ability to recruit and train agents, which makes him a perfect fit for the Empower Brokerages business model. Olivarez believes Empower can “take a new agent or a veteran agent and make them successful in this business…using selling tools that have been proven to work, helping an agent build a practice to reward them with high income and renewals.” He hopes to be a resource to agents and help them keep their eyes on the ball while reminding them to better manage time and conduct producing activities regularly.

A Story to Tell…

Olivarez has a story to tell and wants to contact many agents he personally knows in the first few months. “We can make life easier for the independent agent and let them do what they do best, Solve financial and insurance problems. We will get them the prospect that they will help.” He will also be holding training over products and best business practices in the upcoming months. Olivarez looks forward to helping “as many agents as I possibly can. I enjoy meeting with agents because we have a lot in common and I have a story to tell.”

When it comes to the future Olivarez is already planning out to manage his time wisely in order to help and contact agents in the Corpus Christi area. “ I want as many agents in this area to know that Empower Brokerage is the best partner, they can have to become successful in the insurance industry.”

We are excited to have Regional Sales Director, Mario Andres Olivarez, join our team as a regional sales director. In order to contact him, give him a call at 817-410-5843 or by email at