Popular Places to Meet with Prospects

Popular Places to Meet Prospects

When setting up a meeting with a prospect, there are a number of factors to consider. Think about where they live, and what will be most convenient for them. What time is best for them? Are they able to meet outside of their home? Make sure the places your propose to your prospects will be easy for them to get to. Factor in that they may not be able, or willing, to leave their home.Ask them what situation would make them the most comfortable. Some of the most popular places to meet are:

Their Home

If the prospect is comfortable and able to have you in their home, this may be the most convenient option for them. Most prospects will likely choose this option due to the minimal effort they will have to put in to your meeting. They will also be more at ease since they are in their element. If a prospect has mobility issues, doesn’t have a car, or has limited time to meet with you, this might be the best option.

Coffee Shop

A very common place to meet up and talk is at a coffee shop. Whether it is a Starbucks, or a local spot, coffee shops are a great option. They are usual quiet, which is a great for conversing. This is also a great option because it implies how the meeting will last- about the length of a cup of coffee. Unlike meeting at home, a coffee shop is a nuetral meeting place, which may be appealing to some prospects. Coffee is also fairly inexpensive, which is great if you would like to make the gesture of purchasing a cup for your prospect. Coffee shops also usually have wi-fi, which is great if you are needing to show them something on the internet.

Community Center

A community center is a great place to meet a prospect, especially if your prospect frequently visits the center. They will feel comfortable in an environment they know. If the prospect participates in an activity at the community center, perhaps meet before or after it to add to the prospects’ convenience. You can also ask them about what they do at the community center to build a rapport. This shows them that you care about all aspects of their life, not just selling them insurance.

Local Restaurant

If your prospect has the time, see if they would like to go to a local restaurant. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but sharing a meal with someone is nice, and you will have the opportunity to bond with them more. Having lunch or dinner with a prospect also gives you more time to speak with them, as meals take longer than a cup of coffee might. See what time works best for them, and propose a few restaurants in their area. Remember not to drink any alcohol during your appointment, as this could seem unprofessional.

Public Library

Public libraries are often overlooked as  meeting places, but they can be great a great option. Libraries are quiet, which is great for discussing important topics. They also have computers, and wi-fi you can use for free. You can also print out materials right there if your prospect would like a hard copy of something. Some public libraries also offer classes/programs on topics like life insurance. Ask your local library if this is something they do. If so, you could meet with prospects at these.

Find a meeting place that works best for your prospect. There are tons of options in your community- take advantage of them!

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